Gluten and Grain Free Dog Treats

Is your dog gluten or grain intolerant?

As with all health questions, the answer will be very much dependent on the individual dog in question, as each dog is unique. However, it is fair to say that gluten and grains can be problematic ingredients for many dogs.

The eating of grains in dogs sensitive to them can lead to gastrointestinal issues, chewing of feet and inflamed paws, dermatitis, repeating ear infections and other health problems. A diet heavy in grain promotes insulin production and too much insulin can lead to generalised inflammation. Over-production of insulin also makes it hard for a dog to maintain a healthy weight, which can itself lead to diabetes and other health problems. In many cases, reducing or eliminating the grain content of a dog’s diet can reduce the need for steroids or antibiotics prescribed to combat food allergies and their symptoms.

All Anco Dog Treats, across all of our ranges, are 100% grain and gluten free.

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