Pork is packed with minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to dogs. Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamins B6, B1 (also known as Thiamine) and B12, are all abundant in Pork, and are essential for supporting a healthy brain and immune system, the formation of red blood cells, optimal brain function and carbohydrate metabolism.


Anco Naturals Puffed Pig Snouts Eco-bag 18pcs

Low fat puffed pork treat - x18pcs - RRP £1.40 per x1pc

Anco Naturals Giant Pork Roll
Long lasting chew rich in Thiamine and B Vitamins - x 10pcs - RRP £2.90
Anco Naturals Wild Boar Stick 100g

Rich in Thiamine and B Vitamins - 100g x 12 - RRP £4.50 

Anco Naturals Porky Bites 250g
Rich in Thiamine and Zinc - 250g x 12 - RRP £3.60
Anco Naturals Pig Ears 5pk
High in protien and Chondroitin beneficial for joints - 5pk - RRP £8.00
Anco Naturals Pork Scratchings 80g
Thiamine rich crunchy treat - 80g x 12 - RRP £2.30
Anco Pork Bone Broth 120g
Collagen and Nutrient rich Bone Broth powder made from slow-simmered bones - 120g x 3 - RRP £15.00
Anco Naturals Pork Roll
Rich in Thiamine and B Vitamins - x 40pcs - RRP £1.45
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